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Communities of Interest (COIs) are groups of Arkansas Library Association (ArLA) members who choose to organize around a type of library, type of activity, a special interest, or geographic area in order to further the mission of the ArLA. These groups are subject to ArLA rules. COIs are a benefit of membership and all voting ArLA members may join and participate in as many COIs as they choose. All internal workings of the COI are at the discretion of the members. They decide how to select chair(s), govern themselves, etc. The only ongoing requirement of an ArLA Community of Interest is to submit an annual report and a current contact person. A group must have at least fifteen (15) ArLA members to form a COI. Bylaws are optional at the discretion of the group (a sample bylaws template will be provided on the ArLA website to assist COIs should they want to govern with bylaws). The contact person from each COI will attend board meetings as liaisons between the governing body and interest groups. The interactive petition to form will be automatically sent to the ArLA Executive Board. If using the PDF form, email it to

Who do I contact to join a Communities of Interest?

Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals (ALPS)
Contact: Amy DeVooght, Chair

Arkansas Queer Alliance for Libraries (AQuALib)
Contact: Allie Stevens Gosselink, Chair

College and University Librarians of Arkansas (CULAR)
Britt Anne Murphy, Chair

Community of School Librarians And Library Educators (COSLLE)
Contacts: Quanta Wyatt

Rachel Shankles

Library Advocacy Community of Interest (LACI)
Contact: Cori Williams

Making Arkansas Libraries Accessible (MArLA)
Contact: Jessica Riedmueller, Chair

Mental and Emotional Lives of Library Workers (MELLW)
Amanda Moore, Chair

Public Libraries & Trustees
Contact: Betsy Fisher

Reference & Instruction Services (RISci)
Contact: Jessica Kirk

Social Media & Marketing
Contact: Lynn Valetutti

Two Year Colleges Community of Interest (TYCci)
Tina Bradley, Chair

Contact: Britt Anne Murphy

Youth Services
Tiffany Hough, Chair

Communities of Interest Forms

Petition to Form (interactive)

Petition to Form (.pdf)

Annual Report Form

Bylaws Template (example only)

Funding Request

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