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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee encourages a higher standard of professional education for libraries in Arkansas by awarding scholarships and soliciting contributions to the scholarship fund.

The Arkansas Library Association Annual Scholarship will be awarded at the ArLA Annual Conference every year.

Submission information can be found on the application form. Please read over the Arkansas Library Association Annual Scholarship Statement of Policy before submitting application.

The deadline for applications is September 1, 2024.

ArLA Annual Scholarship Policy (PDF)

ArLA Annual Scholarship Application (PDF)

Sarah Mallory, Chair

Past Scholarship Recipients

2023 Keli Wright
2022 Hannah Gillean
2021 Heather Reinold
2020 Elizabeth Hurtado
2019 Alan Robinette
2018 LaQuida Hobson
2017 Allison Lightfoot
2016 Courtney Fitzgerald (Annual Scholarship) & Landi Brown (Shirley Fetherholf School Media Scholarship)
2015 Brenda Miner (Annual Scholarship) & Kristy Floyd (School Media Scholarship)
2014 Stephanie Freedle (Annual Scholarship) & Sherry Loyd (School Media Scholarship)
2013 Erika R. James
2012 David Sesser
2011 Marlena Crenshaw (Annual Scholarship) & Dustin Lee (School Media Scholarship)
2010 Amber Gregory (Annual Scholarship) & Ronda Hughes (School Media Scholarship)
2009 Angela Hand Black
2008 Darby Wallace
2007 Audra Young/Daniel Page (Split Scholarship Recipients)
2006 John Boone
2004 Hadi Dudley
2003 Christine Renee Mahon
2002 Sonya Ladett Bell
2001 Joni Stine
2000 No Award Made
1999 Mary Ann Griggs
1998 Donna K. McDonald
1997 Frances Kuykendall/Rebecca Covington (Split Scholarship Recipients)
1996 Ann Dixon
1995 Sherry Messmer
1994 Jessie Wallace-Burchfield
1993 Zoe Butler
1992 Tim Nutt
1991 Antoinette Caudillo
1990 Kim Allen Scott
1989 Carolyn Ashcraft
1988 Frances A. Hager
1987 Debra Kay Barnes
1986 Catherine Beets Howser
1985 Helen Giessen Burson
1984 Janice Savage
1983 Donna Talley Rose
1982 No Award Made
1981 No Award Made
1980 No Award Made
1979 No Award Made
1978 No Award Made
1977 No Award Made
[Two scholarships were awarded annually, when possible, from 1964-1976]
1976 Jo Ann Hope, Jean Frances Stewart
1975 Charlotte Jewel Bonds, Kathryn Fitzhugh
1974 Phyllis Burkett
1973 Valerie Thwing, Rodney Miller
1972 Lou Lace Lakefield, Sarah Margaret Spencer
1971 Mary Lou Booker, Retta Norton
1970 Joann McMillan, Joan Neely
1969 Evelyn W. Smith, Jean Ann Moles
1968 Henrietta B. Patrick, Richard Reid
1967 Jo Ann Bennett, Gail Judith Ashbrook
1966 No Award Made
1965 Larry Larson, Eugenia Raybon
1964 Rose Diane Reese, Relethia Jane Upton

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