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  • What are the benefits of institutional membership?  See the list on the ArLA Membership page!
  • What if some of my staff are already members of ArLA?  Any staff member who plays a leadership role in ArLA (committee or CI chair, board member, etc.) will need to maintain their individual subscription.
  • When is an institutional membership due?  January, and it’s good for the calendar year.
  • I can’t join until March.  Will my institutional membership be prorated?  We can’t offer this at this time.
  • Who is the best person from my organization to fill out an institutional membership form?  Whoever will be diligent about renewals and be the best liaison between your organization and ArLA.
  • How do I add people to my institutional membership? Go to Institutional Membership Bundles for more information.
  • Is the Institutional Voting Representative the same as the Institutional Liaison?  That’s up to the institution, but only one person can fill the role of Voting Representative.
  • How do I get my staff on ARKLIB-L?  Collect the emails of those on staff who would like to be included on the ARKLIB-L mailing list, and send them to the ArLA webmaster:
  • How many copies of Arkansas Libraries will my institution receive?  One.
  • How will discounts at the ArLA conference work?  Institutional discounts will be announced by the Conference Committee when registration goes live, usually the summer before conference.
  • Can I be invoiced for institutional membership dues?  Yes, just contact the ArLA treasurer at  

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