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College & University Libraries Division (CULD)

Phillippe Van Houtte, Chair
Systems Librarian
Arkansas Tech University
305 West Q St.
Russellville, AR 72801

Christina Thompson Shutt, Vice Chair
College Archivist and Public Services Librarian
Olin C. Bailey Library
Hendrix College
1600 Washington Avenue
Conway, AR 72032

David Sesser, Secretary
Huie Library
Henderson State University
Arkadelphia, AR 71999

2015: Lacy Wolfe, Chair, Christina Thompson Shutt, Vice-Chair, Phillippe Van Houtte, Secretary
2014: Sherry Tinerella, Chair
2013: Linda Evans, Chair, Sherry Tinerella, Vice-Chair, Christina Thompson, Secretary
2012: Carol Hanan, Chair, Linda Evans, Vice-Chair, Sherry Tinerella, Secretary
2011: Daniel Page, Chair, Carol Hanan, Vice-Chair, Heidi Vix, Secretary
2010: Kaye Talley, Chair, Daniel Page, Vice-Chair, Carol Hanan, Secretary
2009: Jim Robb, Chair, Kaye Talley, Vice-Chair, Daniel Page, Secretary
2008: Karin Medin/Jim Robb, Chair; Jerrie Jones Townsend, Vice-Chair; Kaye Talley, Secretary
2007: Kathie Buckman, Chair; Karin Medin, Vice-Chair; Jerrie Jones Townsend, Secretary
2006: Linda Creibaum, Chair; Kathie Buckman, Vice-Chair; Ann Dixon, Secretary
2005: Donna Daniels, Chair; Linda Creibaum, Vice-Chair; Ron Russ, Secretary
2004: Renee Le Beau-Ford, Chair; Ann Hobby, Vice-Chair; Linda Creibaum, Secretary
2003: Carol Macheak, Chair; Renee Le Beau-Ford, Vice-ChairAnn Hobby, Secretary
2002: Mark Shores, Chair; Carol Macheak, Vice-Chair; Rene Le Beau-Ford, Secretary
2001: Kathie Buckman, Chair; Mark Shores, Vice-Chair; Carol Macheak, Secretary
2000: Sharon Kerr, Chair; Kathie Buckman, Vice-Chair; Mark Shores, Secretary
1999: Necia Parker-Gibson, Chair; Sharon Kerr, Vice-Chair; Kathie Buckman, Secretary
1998: Robert Frizzell, Chair; Necia Parker-Gibson, Vice-Chair; Sharon Kerr, Secretary

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