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About AASL

The Arkansas Association of School Librarians is a Division of the Arkansas Library Association and is an official affiliate of the American Association of School Librarians.

Arkansas AASL’s mission and goals and vision statement are aligned to the National AASL.

AASL (National) Mission & Goals



The mission of the American Association of School Librarians is to advocate excellence, facilitate change, and develop leaders in the school library media field.



AASL works to ensure that all members of the school library media field collaborate to:
* provide leadership in the total education program
* participate as active partners in the teaching/learning process
* connect learners with ideas and information, and
* prepare students for life-long learning, informed decision-making, a love of reading, and the use of information technologies.


AASL Vision Statement

The American Association of School Librarians is:

* A proactive organization that addresses issues, anticipates trends, and sets the future agenda for the profession;

* An advocate for the indispensable role of school library media programs with school library media specialists, for best practices in school librarianship, and for the core values and ethics of the library profession;

* An open, friendly, welcoming organization that embraces cultural and ethnic diversity;

* An inclusive professional home for all school library media specialists and a partner in mutual interests with educators, technologists, researchers, vendors, and other librarians;

* An essential resource for school library media specialists seeking professional development, leadership opportunities, communication with peers, and the most current information, research, and theory in the field; and

* A flexible, responsive organization that models effective management practices.

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AASL (Arkansas) Membership Requirements

Membership in the Arkansas Library Association entitles school library media specialists to automatically become a member of the Arkansas Association of School Librarians Division. No additional dues are required.


Activities of Arkansas AASL

* Has an annual Summer Conference
* Meets for an annual business meeting at ArLA Annual Conference
* Maintains a Website to communicate with members


Criteria for AASL (Arkansas) Officers

The officers of the Arkansas Association of School Librarians are:

Officers are required to be a dues-paying member of the Arkansas Library Association during their term in office.


Duties of ArLA Division Officers

1. Division chairs serve as members of the Executive Board and attend all meetings of the Executive Board or arrange for representation by the vice-chair.

2. Submits any reports to the Executive Board in writing to the Association Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director.

3. Serves as the executive officer for affairs of the division or round table.

4. Plans and arranges for division or round table program at the Annual Conference and works with the Association Conference Committee on details.

5. Conducts the general meetings of the division or round table.

6. Schedules and arranges for other meetings of the division or round table as necessary to promote interests of the group.

7. Notifies the Executive Board through the President and Executive Director for any meetings that are to be held other than at the time and place of Annual Conference.

8. Prepares a written annual report to be presented at the annual Association business meeting. Copies of the report are to be given to the Association Secretary/Treasurer and to the Executive Director.

9. Plans for programs, projects and activities for the division or round table and submits a report of these plans to the Executive Board for approval.

10. Appoints a nominating committee for division or round table to provide for election of a chair, vice-chair, and a secretary for the coming year.

11. Sends written notification of the officers elected to the Executive Director of the Association immediately.

12. Appoints committees necessary to carry on the work of the division or round table and serve as on ex-officio member of all division or round table committees.

13. Promotes affairs and interests of the division or round table through providing articles and information for use in the official publication, other public media and through any other suitable means.

14. Submits budget requests for the Finance Committee to cover all anticipated expenses during the year.

15. Submits properly documented requests for reimbursement for expenses promptly after incurring obligation.

16. Obligates Association funds only in the amounts for the items approved by the Executive Board.

17. Serves in other capacities as specified in the division or round table by-laws.

18. Keeps a file of items of current value as well as an ALA Manual to pass on to the next chair.

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Guidelines for Division/Committee/Round Table Workshops

1. The Executive Board must approve expenditures for travel and office expenses for workshops, and for holding the workshop.

2. Bills will be signed and verified by the workshop coordinator. As long as the bills do not exceed the amount funded for the workshop, they may be paid by the Executive Director without the President's signature.

3. The Association will keep 10% of any profit on division or round table workshops to cover office expenses.

4. Loss on workshops will be covered by general Association funds.

5. Registration fees are set by the Division, Committee or Round Table sponsoring the workshop.

6. Refunds for Division/Committee/Round Table workshops

a. Workshops with limited enrollment - no refunds.

b. Workshops with unlimited enrollment - Cancellations and refund requests will be honored if received in writing within 2 weeks of the beginning date of the workshop and are subject to a processing fee of 25% of the total registration cost with a minimum of $5.00.


Criteria for National AASL Affiliation

* The purposes of the affiliate must be compatible with those of the AASL
* There must be regular meetings and conferences
* There must be some channel of communication to the members - such as a newsletter, website, etc
* There must be 25 members or 10% of your personal AASL member membership (whichever is smaller who are members of National AASL).
* The President and the delegates to affiliate assembly must also be members of AASL (National)


Advantages of AASL (National) Affiliation

* A voice at the national level
* Greater networking and new ideas
* Share your areas of concern and issues with other that share your same issues and concerns
* Promote excellence and share the good things that are happening in your state.
* Leadership training and
* A gateway to professional communication

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