Arkansas Library Association

Two Year Colleges Round Table Directory

Arkansas Northeastern College
Adams/Vines Library
2501 S Division St
Blytheville, AR, 72315
870-762-3189 Tel.
Bronwyn Morgan, Director, College Library & Audiovisual Services 870-762-1234 [email protected]
Betty Alexander, Librarian 870-762-1418 [email protected]

Arkansas State University-Beebe
Abington Library
P.O. Box 1000, Palm and Iowa, Beebe, Arkansas 72012
501-882-8976 Tel. 501-882-8833 Fax

Tracy Smith, Library Director 501-882-8806 Tel. 501-882-8833 Fax  [email protected]
Ronald S. Russ, Electronic and Public Services Librarian 501-882-8959 Tel. [email protected]
John Clowers, Library Supervisor 501-882-8808 Tel. [email protected]
Mathew McGillvray, Library Technician 501-882-8991 Tel. [email protected]
Kimberly Dailey, Library Technician 501-882-8978 Tel. [email protected]
April Derrick, Library Technician 501-882-8979 Tel.
[email protected]
Glenda Novotny, Library Technician, 501-882-8984 Tel. [email protected]
Amber Algood, Administrative Specialist I, 501-882-8807 Tel. [email protected]
Vacant, Weekend Building Supervisor, 501-882-8976 Tel. [email protected].edu

ASU-Searcy Media Center
1800 East Moore Avenue
Room 402
Searcy, AR 72143

Zettie Holland
, Media Specialist, 501-207-4031 Tel. [email protected]

Arkansas State University-Mountain Home
Norma Wood Library
1600 S. College
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
870-508-6112 Tel. 870-508-6291 Fax

Tina Bradley, Library Director 870-508-6130   [email protected]
Michael Barnes, Digital Services Coordinator 870-508-6131 Tel.  [email protected]

Laurie Thomas, Computer Technician 870-508-6132 Tel. [email protected]
Heather LaGoy, Library Academic Technician 870-508-6119  [email protected]
Rebecca Novak, Library Academic Technician  870-508-6176  [email protected]

Arkansas State University-Newport Library
7648 Victory Blvd.
Newport, Arkansas 72112
870-512-7861 Tel. 870-512-7870 Fax

Jennifer Ballard, Librarian 870-512-7861 Tel. [email protected]
Kermeta Overland, Library Academic Technician II 870-512-7862 Tel. [email protected]
Andrea Chism, Library Academic Technician II   [email protected]

Black River Technical College Library
1410 Hwy. 304 East, P.O. Box 468
Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455
870-248-4060 (Circulation Desk)Tel. 870-248-4100 Fax
Anne Simpson, Library Director 870-248-4061 Tel.
Krystal Hendon, Library Academic Technician I,
Debbie Sorg,
Library Academic Technician, [email protected]

College of the Ouachitas Library/LRC
One College Circle, P.O. Box 816
Malvern, Arkansas 72104
501-337-5000 or 800-337-0266 Tel. 501-337-9382 Fax

Mary Ann Harper, Director 501-332-0208. [email protected]
Linda Cunningham, Library Technical Assistant II 501-332-0210. [email protected]

Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas
Kimball Library
P.O. Box 960, 183 Hwy. 399
De Queen, Arkansas 71832
870-584-4471 or 800-844-4471 Tel. 870-642- 3320 or 870-642-8751 Fax
Marilyn Archer, Director 870-584-4471 x155 Tel. [email protected]

East Arkansas Community College Learning Resource Center
1700 Newcastle Rd.
Forrest City, Arkansas 72335
870-633-4480 Tel. 870-633-7222 Fax
Daniel Page, Librarian 870-633-4480 x297 Tel. [email protected]

Mid-South Community College
Donald W. Reynolds Library Media Center
2000 W. Broadway
W. Memphis, Arkansas 72301
870-733-6768 Tel. 870-733-6719 Fax
Claire Rene Jones, Director 870-733-6769 Tel. [email protected]
Shya Winford, Library Tech II 870-733-6768 Tel. [email protected]
Gene Rudd, Part-time Library Clerk 870-733-6768 Tel. [email protected]

National Park Community College Library
101 College Dr.
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913
501-760-4110 Tel. 501-760-4106 Fax
Sara Seaman, Library Director 501-760-4101 Tel. [email protected]
Kristin Quintanilla, Assistant Librarian 501-760-4102 Tel. [email protected]
Chet Morphew, Multi-media Technical Controller II 501-760-4103 Tel. [email protected]
Rita Evans, Library Academic Technician III 501-760-4108 Tel. [email protected]
Barbara Mori, Library Academic Technician II 501-760-4104 Tel.  [email protected]
Brenda Van Dusen, Multi-media Specialist 501-760-4105 Tel. [email protected]

North Arkansas College Library
1515 Pioneer Dr.
Harrison, Arkansas 72601
870-391-3000 Tel. 870-391-3250 Fax

Jim Robb, Director  870-391-3359 Tel. 870-391-3245 fax [email protected]
Michelle Palmer, Assistant Librarian  870-391-3356 Tel. 870-391-3341 fax [email protected]
Donette Smith, Library Academic Technician III 870-391-3368 Tel. [email protected]
Karen Tablish, Library Academic Technician II 870-391-3358 Tel. [email protected]

Anna Estes, Library Academic Technician I 870-391-3122 Tel. [email protected]

Northwest Arkansas Community College Library
One College Dr.
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712-5091
479-619-4244 or 800-995-6922 Tel. 479-619-4115 Fax 

Louise Lamb, Director 479-619-4245 Tel. [email protected]
Sally Ream, Coordinator of Technical Services 479-619-4206 Tel. [email protected]
Virginia Hill, Coordinator of Readers' Services 479-619-4247 Tel. [email protected]
Melissa Verble, Library Academic Technician III 479-619-4246 Tel. [email protected]
Jill Stewart, Library Academic Technician II 479-619-2251 Tel. [email protected]
Genny Olson, Library Academic Technician II 479-619-4307 [email protected]
Pat Sheffield, Library Academic Technician III 479-619-4375 [email protected]
Dr. Linda Lovell, Library Faculty 479-619-4327 Tel. [email protected]

Ozarka College Library
P.O. Box 10, 218 College Dr.
Melbourne, Arkansas 72556
870-368-7371 or 800-821-4335 Tel. 870-368-2091 Fax
Mary Ellen Hawkins, Library Director 870-368-2054 Tel. [email protected]
Dan Lindsey, Multimedia Specialist 870-368-2055 Tel. [email protected]

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas
P. O. Box 785,
1000 Campus Drive
Helena, Arkansas  72342-0785
870-338-6474 Tel. 870-338-2783 Fax 
Jerrie Townsend, Director 870-338-6474 x1186 Tel. [email protected]
Ruthie Amos
Pride, Assistant Librarian 870-338-6474 x1145 Tel. [email protected]
Linda Jackson Washington,
Library Technician/ILL 870-338-6474 x1143 Tel.
Rhita Walker, Library Technician 870-338-6474 x1167 [email protected]

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, DeWitt Campus
P O Box 427,
1210 Ricebelt
DeWitt, Arkansas 72042
870-946-3506 Tel. 870-946-2644 Fax

Jerrie Townsend, Director 870-946-3506 x1622 Tel. [email protected]
Christie Joyner, Library Technician 870-946-3506 x1621 Tel.

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, Stuttgart Campus
2807 Hwy. 165 S, Box A
Stuttgart, Arkansas 72160
870-673-4201 Tel. 870-673-8166 Fax

Jerrie Townsend, Director 870-673-4201 x1818 Tel. [email protected]
Susan Leder, Library Technician 870-673-4201 x1819 Tel.

Pulaski Technical College Ottenheimer Library
3000 W. Scenic Dr.
No. Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
501-812-2272 Tel. 501-812-2315 Fax 

Deborah Kirby, Library Director  501-812-2274 Tel. [email protected]
Wendy Davis, Assistant Director 501-812-2273 Tel. [email protected]
Veronica Stewart, Librarian (501) 812-2719 Tel. [email protected]
Oscar DeLong, Librarian (501) 812-2718 Tel. [email protected]
Peggy Pack, Library Technical Assistant III 501-812-2272 Tel. [email protected]
Janet Nydegger, Library Academic Technician II
[email protected]

Rich Mountain Community College
St. John Library
1100 College Dr.
Mena, Arkansas 71953
479-394-7622 x1370 Tel. (Circulation) 479-394-2828 Fax

Mary Sheehan, Director of Library Services,
479.394.7622 ext 1370 Tel. [email protected]
Klinda Rath, Library Academic Technician 479-394-7622 x1371 Tel.
[email protected]

South Arkansas Community College Library/Media Center
300 S. West Ave.
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730

870-864-7115 or 800-955-2289 Tel. 870-864-7134 Fax

Francis Kuykendall, Director 870-864-7116  [email protected]
Lauri Wilson, Library Academic Technician II 870-864-7253  Tel. [email protected]

Thomas Johnson, Library Academic Technician II 870.864.7254 [email protected]
Patty Davis, Library Academic Technician I 870.864.7215 [email protected]

Southeast Arkansas College Library
Founders Hall
1900 Hazel St.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603
 870-543-5936 or 5988 Tel.870-543-4937 Fax
Virginia Brady Perschbacher, Dean, Library and Distance Learning Division 870-543-5988  Tel. 870-543-5937 [email protected]
Kim Williams, Library Technical Assistant II 870-543-5936 Tel.
Joyce Chamel, Library Technical Assistant I 870-543-5936 Tel.
Maeola Jeffers, Library Technical Assistant I 870-543-5936 Tel.

Southern Arkansas University Tech
Dr. George J. Brown Learning Resource Center
Tech Station
100 Carr St.
E. Camden, Arkansas 71701
870-574-4518 Tel. 870-574-4568 Fax 
Allison Malone, Director 870-574-4544 Tel. [email protected]
Frances Bowen, Library Assistant Technician II, Public Services 870-574-4518 Tel. [email protected]
Pam Rhodes, Library Assistant Technician II, Technical Services 870-574-4518 Tel. [email protected]

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville
Roy Row, Sr. & Imogene Row Johns Library
P.O. Box 3350
E. Allen Gordon Library: Home
2005 White Dr.
Batesville, Arkansas 72503
870-793-7581 Tel.

Linda L. Bennett, Director 870-612-2020 Tel 870-612-2089 Fax [email protected]
Jo Hirschy, Library Technician 870-612-2019 [email protected]

University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Library
P.O. Box 140, 2500 S. Main St.
Hope, Arkansas 71802-0140
870-722-8250 Tel. 870-722-8254 Fax

Marielle McFarland, Librarian 870-722-8251 Tel
Rhadonna Barker
, Library Technical Assistant for Public Services 870-722-8252 Tel. [email protected]
Tara Powell, Library Technical Assistant for Technical Services 870-722-8252 Tel. [email protected]

University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton
E. Allen Gordon Library
1537 University Boulevard
Morrilton, AR
, 72110
501-354-2465 Tel. 501-977-2134 Fax
Leroy Gattin, Library Director 501-977-2033 Tel. [email protected]
Lorraine Brown, Library Technician [email protected]

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